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Activities & Services - Specific work
Given the diversity and complexity of buildings, Services 2000 has developed a range of services to solve your specific cleaning and maintenance problems:
  • Cleaning in high level
  • Stripping stone walls by wet or dry sanding
  • Clearing and scrubbing of underground drains - diameter: 50 to 250 mm
  • Polishing and restoration of the brillance of marble or granite floors
  • Sanding natural wood floors with protective application (Metallic wax, varnish)
  • Treatment of tiles to make them anti-slip
  • "D√©grisaillage" of tiles to bring them to a status as close as possible to their original appearance and increase the surface hardness
  • Renovation of stainless steel by the method of passivation (railing, sunshade, ramp)
  • Sanitize the premises with dry saturated steam to eliminate parasites insects, bed bugs, lice and allergens
Services 2000 has acquired specific equipment adapted to the diversity of cleaning operations together with a solid and recognised experience
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Activities & Services
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Specific work
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