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Activities & Services - Cleaning in the workshop
Give a new life to your carpets, sofas, curtains and other decorative accessories (leather and fabric).

Benefit from our experience!
Through years of experience, we have developed our expertise in safely cleaning all given items such as:
  • Rugs of all types : synthetic, dhurry, wool, kilim, soutas, Chinese
  • Sofas, chairs and armchairs (all types of fabric and leather)
  • Mattresses of all sizes : disinfection and treatment against bed bugs
  • Curtains, vertical blinds with the option for them to be taken down and rehung after.
Depending on your choice, you can:
  • Take and return to your home your belongings to be cleaned
  • Drop off your belongings to be cleaned at either Curepipe (Location plan) or at Beau Bois (Location plan), (near St. Pierre) and you will be notified as soon as they are ready for collection.
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